Press Scholars

Make your voice heard with PresScholars, Indore.

At PresScholars, mass communication & journalism college in Indore, M.P, you learn to communicate and bridge the gap between people and officials with the help of journalism courses and electronic media courses. Learn the importance of news, and how it is sifted and sorted. Be associated with news agencies and news organizations with PresScholars media and journalism academy in Indore. In sessions at PresScholars Indore, [a media and mass communication academy] there are no mentors and no mentees, there is healthy interaction that gives food for thought through journalism & media courses, and mass communication courses are learned by organic interaction.

Create fresh content. Create trends. Inform, educate and entertain people with PresScholars, Indore, Madhya Pradesh the best media and mass communication college. For more information visit.