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Learn the mystical art of satisfying a look

At Makeover Veterans (a beauty and makeup academy in Indore, M.P), we train artists who practice on a real human canvas experimenting with their ideas. Become professionals who have an ingenious method of working with Makeover Veterans (a beauty and makeup college in Indore, M.P). Be trained to give esoteric makeovers. Learn about the client's psychology regarding their expectations from the makeover. A new look makes an illusion of making a new start, be that illusion. Learn about products, skin textures, hair types, nails, and other eclectic techniques of makeovers with the help of beauty and makeup courses.

Our Courses

H1 Hair Plus (Foundation Hourse in Hair Artistry) 3 Months
H2 Hair Pro (Advance Certification Course in Hair) 3 Months
H3 Hair Master (Hair Plus+ Hair Pro) [H1 + H2] 6 Months
H4 Certification Course in Hair Extension 1 Week
H5 Foundation Course in Hair Styling 15 Days
H6 Advance Certification Course in Hair Styling 30 Days
H7 Certificate Course in Hair Chemicals 20 Days
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M1 Makeup Plus (Foundation Course in Makeup Artistry) 2 Months
M2 Makeup Pro (Advance Course in Makeup Artistry) 2 Months
M3 Makeup Master (Makeup Plus+ Makeup Pro) [M1+ M2] 4 Months
M4 Certificate Course in Bridal Makeup 20 Days
M5 Certificate Course in Personal Grooming 12 Days
M6 Certification Course in HD & Airbrush Makeup 12 Days
M7 Certification Course in Airbrush Makeup 6 Days
M8 Certification Course in Permanent Makeup 1 Week
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Skin Beauty Therapy
S1 Skin Plus (Foundation Course in Beauty Therapy) 3 Months
S2 Skin Pro (Advanced Course in Beauty Therapy) 3 Months
S3 Skin Master (Skin Plus+ Skin Pro) [S1 + S2] 6 Months
S4 Foundation Course in Hand & Feet 1 Month
S5 Advanced Course in Hand & Feet 1 Month
S6 Certificate Course in Beauty Therapy & SPA 1.5 Months
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Nail Art
N1 Nail Art Plus (Foundation Course in Nail Artistry) 1 Months
N2 Nail Art Pro (Advanced Course in Nail Artistry) 1 Months
N3 Nail Art Master (Nail Art Plus + Nail Art Pro) [N1 + N2]
(Full Course in Nail Artistry)
2 Months
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Make Over Veterans (Beauty & Personal Care and Salon Management Institute)
1 Cosmetology Master (Hair Plus+ Makeup Plus + Skin Plus + Nail Art Plus) [H1+ M1+51 +N1] 9 Months
2 Cosmetology Grand Master [ (Hair Master + Makeup Master + Skin Master + Nail Art Master) +12 Value Addition Workshops]
[{H1 + H2 + M1+ M2 +51 +52 + N1 + N2 } + 12 Value Addition Workshops ]
21 Months
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Become professionals who give prime makeovers

Learn about the unknown tips and tricks of makeup and makeover.